Enlem Sea Food

Carefully Processed, Healthy Products

Enlem Sea Food is one of the largest suppliers of processing fish in Turkey's seas, frozen storage, packaging and sale of production facilities.


Our Vision

Human First, Health First

Our aim is to produce high quality and healthy products, to maximize customer satisfaction and to produce frozen fish at hygienic standards. By adopting the idea of human and health first, we offer quality and delicious fish to the use of the food industry.

Facility in European Standards

Safe Processing and Shocking

Enlem Sea Food, which is the leading name of the sector both in domestic and in Europe in the field of fish processing and packaging, offers its consumers reliably with its wide distribution network that meets quality standards.

Food Safety

Environment and Nature Friendly

We offer hygienic, healthy and reliable products with an understanding that values the environment and nature in the field of aquaculture, in accordance with food safety, with the contribution of our professional team and technology.

Enlem Sea Food Activities

Our fields of activity in fish processing, packaging and storage.

Fresh Fishes

Fish brought from breeding facilities and hunting are either freshly packed or processed and shipped as fillets or frozen.

Healthy Processing

Foods that are freshly entered into our facility are taken into cold chain by freezing at -40°C in 2 fully equipped shock chambers and kept in this way.


With our fully equipped docks, we are able to assist our customers in the labeling and packaging of products with a wide range of work areas.

Cold Storage Rooms

Keeping the flavor and quality of our products for a long time is only possible with the right storage conditions. For this, we operate with 2 cold storage rooms.

Enlem Fish Processing Facility

In our 5800m2 closed area on a total of 10,000m2 land; We serve with 10 cold rooms, 2 of which are shock rooms, our 5000 tons capacity, 3 refrigerated shipping ramps and 2 forklifts.

See the processes we have gone through carefully with the chilled ramps, fully automatic tanks and our experienced team.

Services We Offer in Our Facility

As Enlem Sea Food, we offer services in the field of fish processing, packaging, as well as shocking, food safety and cold preservation.

Fish Processing

Fresh fish coming to our facility are taken into the processing line, calibrated and scales are taken using pressurized water. Then, it is kept cold at -4°C until it is shipped by taking in and washing processes.

Quick Freezing

The most important step of the cold chain is shocking. Processed fish are glazed with -40°C shock. Modern shock systems known as both block and IQF are applied in our facility.

Food Safety

Until the fish reaches the consumer, it should be preserved and preserved in accordance with the standards, preserving its freshness, safety and nutritional value. You can see the certificates we have about food safety.


The freezing process in seafood has no negative effect on product flavor and nutrient content. Thanks to the cold storage depots in our facility, we are able to carry out frozen storage operations.


Frozen Fish

You can find the details of the cold storage, freezing and frozen storage processes we apply in the fish processing facility below.

All fish species are packed in styrofoam boxes after flaking, drinking and washing stages with pressurized water, they are weighed and packed after weighing. It is kept cold between 0 - 4°C until shipment.

Foods that are freshly entered into our facility are taken into cold chain by freezing at -40°C in 2 fully equipped shock chambers and kept in this way. Thus, the shelf life is extended by maintaining the quality of the food.

In order to preserve the flavor and quality of the fish we process for a long time, we perform frozen storage at -18°C / -26°C. For this, we use cold storage depots within our facility.

Fish Types We Offer

You can find the product groups that the fresh fish we offer at the Enlem Sea Food facilities are distributed below.

Imported Products

Our Product Types are in the Form of Mackerel, Whiting, Panga and Squid

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Local Products

Our product range is classified as hunting and breeding fish.

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Hunting Products

Our Product Types are in the form of Bonito, Anchovy, Horse Mackerel and Blue Fish.

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Growing Fish

Among our product range, there are sea bass, sea bream and meagre.

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