Fresh Fish

The world population is increasing day by day. Accordingly, the protein deficit grows and is no longer affordable. Therefore, the importance of fisheries and, accordingly, frozen seafood are increasing.

Fresh fish is important. Some details can be checked to see if a fish is fresh. The eyes of a fresh fish should be bright and vivid, and the skin should be bright and tense again. Their gills must be red-pink,
When you press and pull your finger on the taut flesh, you should not have a fingerprint. Also, the tail should be upright when you hold it by the head.

After the fresh fish taken from the production farms are evaluated in terms of quality parameters, the fish deemed suitable are cleaned and washed in the constantly flowing water.

In our fish processing facility, fresh fish and seafood (mackerel, sea bass, octopus, squid, lobster) are sorted, washed and cut according to their size. After it is frozen and glazed, it is packed and taken to cold storage and offered for sale.

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