Frozen Storage

Frozen Product; cultured fish such as sea bream, sea bass, bluefish, which are kept at 0 / + 2 0C in the raw material acceptance area by bringing them to the field of activity, will be taken to the processing line and then, after calibration, they will be purified from their scales with pressurized water.

All fish types are subjected to internal and washing processes after this step. The cleaned fish will be immersed in ice water containing 2% salt and will be shocked in the range of -40 0C to -70 0C. Then, by weighing, glaze (ice glazing) process is done. It is kept in the range of -20 0C to -40 0C until weighed, packed and shipped.

-40 ° C Freezing: The most important step of the cold chain provided from production to consumption of our food is shocking. If shocking is not done properly, economic losses can occur with product spoilage.

Foods that are freshly entered into our facility are taken to cold chain by freezing -40 ° C in 2 fully equipped shock rooms that we put into new operation and kept in this way. Thus, the quality of our food is preserved and its shelf life is extended while contributing to public health.

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