IQF Shocking

IQF is the name given to the “Individual Quick Freezing” process. The products frozen in the Enlem Sea Food facilities with the IQF technique are frozen “individually” and in an average of 10-15 minutes, without damaging their natural structure.

Using the IQF Freezing system, we keep our products fresh and of good quality as in the season. Frozen fishery products keep their freshness for 2 years with the IQF method and can be stored in the deep freezer at -18 ° until the expiration date.

Food products that are shocked with the IQF method are frozen individually at -40 ºC in a very short time. This process takes place by freezing the water in the products and in this way, the food products are long-lasting without additives. As IQF method is frozen at -40 degrees and stored at -18 degrees, it is not possible to lose the nutritional values ​​of the microorganisms that cause decay in frozen foods.

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