Fish Processing Facility

Fish processing facilities are the areas that allow fresh fish and seafood (mackerel, shrimp, sea bass, octopus, squid, lobster) after being washed, cut and packaged according to their size, packaged, frozen, subjected to glaze process, packaged again, taken to cold storage and offered for sale.

Enlem Sea Food, one of the pioneers of the aquaculture industry with its services and product quality, opened a Fish Processing Facility in EU standards in 2017. Enlem Sea Food is established on an area of ​​10000 m² in Silivri district of Istanbul and has a closed area capacity of 5800 m².

Thousands of products can be stored in Frozen Product Storage (Enlem Cold Storage Warehouse). Products brought from aquaculture facilities and fishing vessels are either packed and shipped freshly chilled or processed, freshly cleaned, fillet or frozen depending on customer demands.

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