Food Safety

We keep up-to-date records to ensure the complete food safety process from nature to table in all products produced in our facilities in order to ensure food safety within Enlem Sea Food.

For this, we are realizing thanks to ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System and ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System, which is still being implemented.

Haccp, which means hazard analysis and critical control points, is a standard that provides a systematic approach to food safety.

HACCP is a product reliability system that is based on determining the hygienic conditions required for healthy food production in food establishments, ensuring these conditions, determining the causes that may pose health risks to the consumer during the production and service stages, and eliminating these reasons.

Thanks to the HACCP system, we increase product reliability and naturally quality. We provide a preventive approach instead of control, and since every activity is recorded, we will be advantageous in terms of traceability.

There are other standards that must be applied outside the Haccp system when establishing the food safety system. Iso 22000 Food safety standard is one of them. The published guidelines of this standard are also listed below.

– ISO 22000 Food Safety Standard
– ISO 22001 Food and Beverage Places Guide
– ISO 22003 Inspection and Certification of Food Safety System
– ISO 22004 ISO 22200 application guide standard
– ISO 22005 feed food chain traceability standard

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